RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

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Re: RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

Digital Nigel wrote:

tbcass wrote:

JDLaing50 wrote:

tbcass wrote:

A camera does not need to have anything in common with another camera to be an upgrade. I am defining upgrade to mean any product that is superior to another.

It’s superior.

Not having used either camera all things said the RX1Rii seems superior to me.

I think what's amazing is the sheer bulk of the ZX1. The body is larger than the A7Riv, yet it has hardly any physical controls. An A7Riv with a suitable prime lens would be superior in just about every way to the ZX1, and well as smaller and much cheaper. For example, one could use the excellent FE 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens, or dozens of other prime and zoom lenses. Indeed, for the price of the ZX1, you could probably buy the A7Riv and a couple of very good prime lenses. That would be a far superior solution.

The use of the word superior in this discussion comes down to personal judgment. Different cameras and camera systems almost always have both pros and cons, making one superior in some ways and inferior in other ways. And two different people looking at the same factor can consider it either superior or inferior.

If you like one overall for your use case more than you like the other overall for your use case, that's the one that's superior to you. There's not much else to say about it.

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