Davinci Resolve 17 annoucement today.

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Re: Davinci Resolve 17 annoucement today.

yayatosorus wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

yayatosorus wrote:

I'm currently using DVR 15 and using a dual monitor setup via the "dual screen" tab.

So I tried this and it was almost exactly what I wanted. I actually have three monitors, so when I activate "dual screen" mode all the keyframe and metadata panels go into a window on one monitor and in the other window I can hide the inspector and clips and drag the edge of it so that it covers the other two monitors - that gives me viewer windows that cover almost the entire screen.

Hi, happy you found what you wanted. Since you have 3 monitors, there's a function under "dual screen" called full screen timeline which should put a full screen viewer on the third screen.

Thanks.  I found that in the editing panel, but it doesn't seem to be available in the Fusion panel - that's where I really want the full screen viewer to make it easier to edit effects in the viewer.  But in "dual screen" mode dragging the fusion window containing the dual viewers to fill two monitors seems to work pretty well.

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