What? No Film Fridays?

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Re: What? No Film Fridays?

Autonerd wrote:

Anyone have ideas for topics they'd like to see covered?

You've done a fantastic job so far -- I've read some of your articles.

I'd love to see more about affordable roll-film cameras (provided, of course that film could be found!)  I've had to re-spool 120 onto a 620 spool for some cameras or holders.  That's a good article in itself that hasn't been done to my knowledge.

Another good article might be about Graflock film holders for view/tech cameras (but used prices will skyrocket -- maybe a general article about Speed Graphics (I had a Mini that took 120 film -- should have kept it).

Maybe an article about 3D-printed accessories or parts to bring an older camera back to life (F2 flash adapter, bellows attachments, T/S adapters, neg holders, roll film spools / adapters)

What about the "not so popular" SLR brands like Mamiya, Yashica, Fujica, Topcon, Zenit (or Honeywell, Bell and Howell, or Cosina that work with other common mounts)?

I'm not a collector, but some might want to read about the "ridiculous" leather-wrapped or gold-plated special edition cameras or lenses that were popular in the 80's.  Heck, we could do a parody and showcase a pink fun-fur-wrapped D6 with 500 mm lens or metallic blue spray-painted A7 as an April Fools prank.

Anyway, these are some ideas sofar.

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