Pics from today's walk (Pentax KP and 70mm/2.4 Ltd.)

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Re: Pics from today's walk (Pentax KP and 70mm/2.4 Ltd.)

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Definitely warmer in the GTA than Ottawa!

Yes. I don't remember seeing dandelions in the end of November.

My favourites are the first (nice composition, and a bit ironic with the reindeer but no snow) and the last (very nice composition with the shadow).

Thanks, Doug! These are my favourites too.

One of the KP features I like the most is the electronic level. No more correcting skewed horizons in post!

Enjoy the KP, it is a great camera and is (currently) my go to camera. I know Peter would agree too


Well, I was pushing Alex towards KP since I've got mine. Before we were both hooked on K-S1. Actually I still use it, even more frequently than my other (KP and K-X) cameras. I use my KP mainly as a "Sunday" camera .

One of my two KS1s broke recently. It's still usable but the WB button doesn't work. It was the last drop...

If you didn't mention that WB button, I wouldn't even know that it exists .

It's one of the directional buttons on the back. It's another weak spot of the KS1 (the first one being the aperture block). I got those buttons repaired twice under warranty. Now the camera is 4 y.o. I contacted the authorized repair shop in Toronto, and they gave me an estimate of $200 + tax & shipping. Said the main board needed to be replaced. Not worth it. Those buttons can fail again any day.

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