Good monitor firstly for photo editing, secondly for gaming?

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Re: Good monitor firstly for photo editing, secondly for gaming?

primeshooter wrote:

The two don't totally gel, I know this from experience. Good gaming monitors have really fast response times; wheras photo editing monitors are slow, but great colour ranges etc. I find the Dell Ultrasharp range a good compromise. When gaming, always use V sync and you should be fine. It's in nearly every game graphics settings menu. Photo editing is first, so check them out.

In the past, only TN panel can provide fast-enough response time (and it still is), with the compromise being poor viewing angles and horrible colors. Recent gaming monitors like the LG and Razer are IPS panel that are still really good at 144Hz while maintaining the superior color advantage, newer ones even support HDR. Avoid VA panels for now, while they have better contrast and colors, their ghosting is just unacceptable for gaming.

V-Sync alone doesn't help much if the graphic card can't talk to the monitor precisely on the syncing, and in many cases it will only reduce FPS unnecessarily. Thus, FreeSync (and G-Sync) is becoming the minimum standard.

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