EF to RF adapter with Arca Swiss foot

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Re: EF to RF adapter with Arca Swiss foot

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I see a few adapters with a tripod foot but the only descriptions I can get is that they can have an A/S plate screwed to it.

An adapter with an integral A/S foot and even a rotating collar seems a great idea for the RF and other mirrorless bodies.

Does anyone know of a decent quality adapter like this?

I haven't seen any such adapters yet, but there are tripod collars available for the (standard) Canon adapter, like this one:


I've just ordered one, thanks to your post. I hope it's better than the cheap Shoot (no i) brand gimbal I bought from a charity shop which puts the tripod screw 34mm off centre. The cutout for the lens release button looks like an unavoidable weak spot. iShoot also do an Arca Swiss foot Tripod Mount Ring A II substitute that's about £100 cheaper than the real thing.

The collar arrived six days earlier than the estimate.  It's beautifully finished, feels very rigid, the lens release cutout has (tightly) radiused corners to avoid fatigue cracks developing.  Doesn't look or feel overpriced. I'll have to put a paint dot tdc (top dead centre) to help with mounting lenses.  (They could have allowed for mounting the camera in portrait format had they put another bayonet release button cutout tdc, but the handgrip would then have been in danger of clashing with the tripod, if not the actual foot.  Swapping orientation would have been complicated too.)

It's more bother to fit and remove than a separate Arca Swiss adapter and it clashes with the Tripod Mount Ring A II and the tripod mount for the EF 300mm f/4 unless they are in position for portrait format.  A bit awkward with my prime lenses, so it won't be a fixture.

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