Will vibration from cycling damage my camera?

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Re: It depends on the camera

Depends on the camera and the lens. You can't generalize.

The Nikon F series were used by photojournalists in Vietnam. Ever seen a Vietnam War movie? That's what the cameras went through, and they kept on shooting. The trunk of your car doesn't compare to bumping around in a Huey helicopter, crawling through mud, and jumping into a ditch.

On the other hand, I once used a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. Tamron optimizes for size and weight, and uses cheap plastic construction to keep cost down. The lens got visibly worse with pretty casual use. I babied that lens, and it still degraded.

I'm very impressed with the degree to what some cameras and lenses will withstand before failing. My original RX100 has been through a lot, and when I was done, I gave it to a clumsy relative. It looks really beat up, but still takes photos as if it were good-as-new.

I've also had Sony cameras with horrible construction which I definitely wouldn't put in a trunk, though. Even Sony's flagship full frames had issues (albeit not related to lens precision). There's a tiny mechanism which has to precisely move the sensor for IBIS, and if the camera bumped around, the sensor moved around, putting a lot of strain on very tiny parts, which cracked.

You've got cameras optimized for cost, for weight, for toughness, and for precision. You don't get all of them, so different models land different places. Personally, I think we've gone a little overboard on trying to bring the weight of devices down in general (not just cameras -- laptops, cellphones, etc.). I'd much rather have devices I don't need to worry about and spend a bit of extra size and weight to get that. But I seem to be in the minority here.

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