Is this sharp photo?

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Re: Is this sharp photo?

The Olympus 12-100mm has 17 glass elements, where some of them move.

Hence, 100% perfect alignment is not possible. I had the feeling immediately when I saw it that this is like looking through quite a bit of glass.

From a review:

If you had any concerns that this all-in-one 24-200mm eq. zoom lens would need to sacrifice sharpness for versatility, worry not; the Olympus 12-100mm lens is extremely sharp. Even wide-open and at all focal lengths, the Olympus 12-100 offers fantastic sharpness across the entire frame. In our testing, we saw very little variation in sharpness at the center compared to the corners. Stopping down does little to increase sharpness, as the lens is pretty much as sharp as it can get wide open.

That being said, we do see a subtle decrease in measurable sharpness out at 100mm, with a very slight softness in the corners at f/4. Stopping down to f/5.6 will sharpen the corners back up, though. Overall, 100mm is not significantly softer than the other tested focal lengths by any means, though; just very minor corner softness.

Also here: If you click on the "graph" diagram, you can drag the slider up to 100mm.

In most images, the most important thing is in the centre of the image. When you take a "uniform" image like that, it's very easy to go to the corners and edges and look there.

Basically, your 12-100mm should be able to take as sharp images as others. Look at the pictures others have taken with it. "Pixel peeping" will give you worries that's not visible or cared about in normal photos. However, bear in mind that 17 glass elements with some moving is quite a few, and in this case it's sharper at shorter lengths than 100mm,

Zoom is a convenience, you must either learn to live with the photos and notice that the subject in normal photos looks great without pixel peeping it, or start looking at sharpness diagrams for prime lenses.

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