Photography is going backwards!

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Re: Photography is going backwards!

Weegee wrote:

... Why do we all want 50 mp cameras?...

- If you don't print today, you might in 5 years

- Maybe in the future we will have walls that display pictures?

- Maybe you want to make a photobook?

- Maybe we will have 100-200 inch screen with amazin resulutions ("TV")

Who knows? So, just because the phone is the main viewing device today, why all the ranting and complaining?

I print. Will I print in 10 years? No idea. Maybe even more? No idea.

But I know several people that got into photography because of digital (viewing on phones) and now print.

No, it's not "backwards", it's constant evolution of a medium. People like you, who define photography as something stationary ("Like it was in the 19x0ies), are stuck.

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