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I'm currently an Olympus user considering investing in the Canon system (either R5 or R6). A lot of my usage is hand-held landscape photography whilst hiking, something the Olympus excels at. However, I keep reading statements along the lines of "to get the best from the R5 you need to use a tripod". How true is that ? I understand the benefits of using a tripod as a compositional aid etc but will you get sharper shots than hand-held ?

Thanks for any help.

Depends on what you consider "sharp". What is your degree of satisfaction. If you shoot mainly in daylight you shouldn't have a problem even if you stop the aperture down to f8 or f11 to maximise sharpness and have good depth of field. Plus you shouldn't have a problem with a bit lower shutter speeds since you get at least 6 stops of stabilisation with the combined lens IS and body ibis. 5 stops with ibis only. You can stay at iso 100 in daylight. But even if you can have good stabilisation with lower shutter speed, if the climate is windy, this can introduce some shake in you environment due to the wind. Here nothing can help. You have to increase iso in order to have a faster shutter speed. Or open your aperture. Depending on the situation you're in. In any case the only situation when you'll need to use a tripod to maximise sharpness is when the light goes down. Of course added to that you still need to have good technique in stabilising your gear while shooting. Specially as you said you shoot landscapes while hiking. You need to make sure to take your time while taking the shot. The stability of your hands and body add a big difference to the end result even with all the added gear stabilisation.

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Canon, you revive the 20mm f2.8 for RF mount with a similar close focus capability as the 35mm 1.8 and 24-105 f4-7.1, and these three lenses would form all I need as a compact and light kit for travel, street and hiking.

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