Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

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Re: Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

Sjak wrote:

A Monochrom-camera adds a lot of simplicity to the post-processing. To be honest, I prefer to shoot B&W with my M Monochrom, even though e.g. my K-1 is a technically better camera in all numerical aspects, from resolution to dynamic range to whatever.

You are completely correct and I can fully understand your argument. However, it comes with a price people easily forget: You add complexity in the shooting since you have to define your B&W look up front while shooting.

Like in the old days of B&W film you need to add and use the appropriate color filter (red, orange or green) to generate the appropriate outcome.

With the color sensor of the Q2 you do not invest and even think about that. You just add color files in the post process via the software and can adjust the image to you liking later.

So if you are a RAW shooter and not not need very high ISO, personally I would go for the Q2. As an additional add on to you personal collection probably highly recommended but not as a replacement for a Fujifilm Xpro 2 with 23mm lens.

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