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Re: Canon R5 Hand-Held

At low shutter speeds you will always benefit from using a tripod in landscape photography, irrespective of brand and camera features.

At higher shutter speeds you can make it work without a tripod, especially if using IBIS.

IBIS on the R5 and R6, especially when in combination compatible lenses that feature OIS, has been tested and reported at least as good as the Olympus solutions.

The statement you read about the R5 is not related to the R5, per si but rather something related to all high-MP count cameras.

Slight shakes are more prone to induce visible blurriness when the photo is seen at 100% simply because there are more pixels to resolve any given scene area. This, obviously, can be better neutralized by using a tripod.

I know dragging along a tripod can be a pain but, if serious about landscape photography , you should use one.

Hope this helps.


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