Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

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Re: Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

Orsonneke wrote:

I am looking for a camera to be used in street photography.
mostly using a Fujifilm Xpro 2 with 23/2 lens.

I want to indulge into the Leica world and made a first test with a Q2 at the local store.
However , as being mainly a b/w shooter , the Q2 M attracts a lot!

can anyone give advice?


So, mainly a B/W shooter. Are you keeping the Fuji for color, or is the a replacement?

I was where you are a few weeks ago and went with the Q2. I do mostly b/w, but like the color option of the Q2 vs the better higher iso, but also higher price of the Q2M. 
The Q2 does wonderful b/w, and you play with the different color channels when converting, which may not be so important for street work. If you are regularly using iso 6400+, then the Q2M would be worth checking out.

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