Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

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Re: Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

lilBuddha wrote:

ChuckB wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

ChuckB wrote:

Maybe you should do just a little googling before having a hissy fit.

However, Li-S batteries suffer from the electrochemical intermediates (polysulfides) dissolution, which causes poor cyclability and lithium anode corrosion, poor electronic conductivity, and significant volume change during cycling (Wang et al., 2014; Li et al., 2016).

But basically, research into batteries is ongoing and intensive, and the reason you don't see "better" batteries is not because an international cabal of criminal camera manufacturers is holding us back.

Are you a sheeple? They are spending millions of dollars in research so they can avoid improving their product so they can make millions of dollars selling us the same products that we don't need to upgrade...

I'll bet a nickle that without a smiley face on your post somebody is going to think you're serious.

You think I am not serious?!!! You must be standing too close to the 5G towers whilst being doused by chemtrails and drinking fluoridated water after you left your flat without your hat.

contrails, that is what does it.

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