Does the new RF 50mm make the (heavy and expensive) RF 35mm redundant?

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Re: Does the new RF 50mm make the (heavy and expensive) RF 35mm redundant?

highdesertmesa wrote:

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DaveyA wrote:

I have ordered the new RF 50mm but wonder if I really can manage without the large and rather heavy 35mm lens? I have the 24 - 105 for general purposes (non professional), and as a carry around combination the RP plus 50mm seems sufficient. Am I wrong?

Not sure if joke or if high.

Did you mean the EF 35 f/1.4? The RF 35 is stupidly small and light. If you think the RF 35 is heavy, the RF 50 is going to feel like you're holding the entire weight of the Earth in your hand.

Not sure what you mean by last sentence. The new RF 50mm is only 160g and 2” long.

I guess I'm the one that was acting high. Missed the "new" part since the RF 50 f/1.2 is still new to me, lol. You mean the RF 50 f/1.8. The RF 35 1.8 feels feather light to me already, though. And 35 vs 50 field of view is completely different. I would use/keep both.

No one has the RF50f1.8. It may ship next week. It seems much smaller than the RF35mmf1.8 IS. Maybe the removal of the IS in the lens makes the 50mm lens smaller at 1.6" long. I will have both and keep both. The smaller size will make this a better travel lense for me along with the RF 24-240mm and probably the EOS R unless the situation dictates the R5 which slight bigger and 160g. (3 oz) heavier and more than twice as expensive and this would extravagent unless the expected subject matter warrants it.

I must admit the IS in the 35mm is of value to me and it may factor which of the two I take traveling.  After I get hands on with both lenses. I will know better which I prefer and for which case I will prefer it.

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