Got my R5 finally!

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Re: Got my R5 finally!

yoonsung wrote:

Santa came early this year!

Ordered this on the 24th, and got it on the 27th.

So nice to have this even though I have not even shot this since my controlling adapter is still on the way, but still so excited!

Congratulations on the quick delivery.   I got my 9 days ago and I preordered it July 9.  It has been 9 days bliss after the four month wait.   I have used it a little every day.

I have learned many the little diffherences with EOS R which has a lot in common and lot of small things are different.   This language difference in the menu words slows down my ability to thoroughly learn the new camera and it's language.   Still I know the EOS the best currently but I love both the EOS R and this new to me R5.

Menu terms are changed between these two cameras.  Silent shutter in EOS R is the Electronic shutter in the R5 menu.   Electronic shutter is much more specific and a better choice. Mechanical shutter is enable turning "off" Silent shutter (to make it (noisy).  Silent LV (live view) Shoot has three selection choices (mode 1, mode 2, & disable).  model 1 is EFCS and Mode 2 is delayed EFCS.   I find the changes in language and modes confusing at times.    More to learn and keep in my mind when frequently going back and forth between these two related cameras.  The R5 can do more for me but it also has more to learn.  I have 18 month experience with the EOS R and 1/3 month (of euphoria) so far with R5.

The eye tracking AFII is amazing and seems like cheating but it has requirements and limitations.   As Clint Eastwood  said in a Dirty Harry role "a man has to learn limitations".  So I spent a lot of time in December learning the real world, real shooting limitations of the R5.    I set up BIF shooting for birds with eye tracking along with single button switch to video with a repurposed MFn button.   I like this but I need to define and setup  C1, C2 and C3.  I need quick switching for both wildlife stills and 4KHQ video with focus tracking in modes that suit me.  This will take time and many trial to achieve my perfection suited for me.

I just hope when I do this shooting high school action sports will fit in to many of the settings.

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