Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

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Re: Best "2 Lens" travel setup for Sony A7C

Trym wrote:

Have owned the a7c for about a week now. Purchased the Sony 35mm and 85mm 1.8 together with the body. Must say i enjoy the lightweight and low profile.

I also purchased the Tamron 17-28mm and 28-200mm but will be returning the 17-28, found the zoom range to limiting. Already have the 1635GM for my a7riii so will instead add the 20mm if i want a wide angle for a 3 lens setup for the a7c.

My motivation for getting the a7c was FF image quality in a small form factor. Therefore adding big zooms kinda going against the purpose.

The AF of the a7c is really good, way better than the a7riii.

Hi Trym,

That sort of setup sounds pretty similar. I was really tossed between the 35mm f1.8 and the 40mm Batis which I ended up getting.

I think I switched them in my Amazon cart like 5 or 6 times before I pulled the trigger, but so far happier with the close focusing capability, which we end up using a lot, and hopefully will provide lots of utility in the future.

The 35mm f1.8 looks like a great lens.

How do you like the 28-200 - I'm very tossed on this one. Out of any of the telephoto lens, this one looks like the best fit for the A7C, but even at it's 600 or so grams, it still looks like it would make the system possibly large or unwieldy, especially as the lens zooms out and extends, and makes the camera front heavy - what do you think?

I was thinking it would be a good lens for hiking, or a trip to disney world or the zoo or things like that where the kit 28-60 just isn't going to be as flexible.

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Overall we really like the A7C though - we've had to shoot in low light a lot due to most of our free time being in the evenings and probably would have gone down to an A6400 just do the the size, but would always have a certain reservation about getting good glass for APS-C and no upgrade path to FF (or selling that glass at a loss), so glad this option exists.

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