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I do wonder if the 28 - 60 suffers a little from the 'kit lens' name - OK its not a Zeiss or a GM - but I find it not too shabby at all. I got the A7C 4 weeks ago now with the 28-60 (feels like it hasnt stopped raining since) - and very glad I did - it is just so easy to pick up this camera with that lens on. I keep meaning to try the 28-60 on my A7RIII - but pick up the A7C ! OK its is slow, its not a bokeh lens - but otherwise I dont worry about pushing the ISO a bit with this sensor.

I havent got really sorted myself yet but am thinking a lot about revising my lenses now with the addition of the A7C, I have picked up the Tam 17-28 and it goes out with the 28-60 - but I tend to use wide more than long in what I do. If I want faster I can chuck in the Samyang 45 1.8 - it weighs next to nothing.

There are some great ideas here on this thread.

These are only test shots in mostly crappy weather but unless title or exif says otherwise (Contax or Summicron) they are with the 28-60. There are more on the 'Devon' gallery - the last 6 I think.

Good luck and have fun.

Interesting perspective.

I included the 28-60 in my A7C purchase, exclusively because of the size. It's very compact, and almost (not quite) can make the camera into more of a point and shoot, put in your pocket type of camera.

I have seen Dustin Abbot's review of the 28-60 and he says mostly good things about it (sharpness) given its constraints, but even know, I'm cross shopping other lenses on the impression that it is not a "good" lens.

I think I have ready too many forum posts and watched too many youtube videos, which all worship at the alter of f1.4 or f1.8 or f2.8 lenses as being "the best", or constant aperture being a must for zoom lenses.

I may just need to go out and shoot with it myself for a while.

Thoughts after the first week of shooting?

Hi there - sure, here are my thoughts after 2-3 weeks in case this helps you or anyone else in the future.. We've tried a few different combinations, returned some things, and kept some things..

We currently have/kept the 20mm f1.8 G, 40mm f2 Batis, and 28-60mm kit lens for the A7C.

- 40mm f2 Batis - Really like this lens. With the current environment we haven't been able to go on any trips, but for photos around the house, of food and small day trips, this is my personal favorite. I prefer the 40mm over the 50 or 55 which I was looking at - if I didn't get this, I think I'd have gone with the 35mm f1.8. The colors are nice and very sharp and this will likely be a very versatile prime in the future that we plan on keeping no our camera most of the time.

Interesting to note, I originally bought it for a few hundred off, but more recently the price dropped another few hundred for close to $350 off (Canadian) from its original $1800 CAD price ($1400 USD).

Because I bought a 2nd lens at the lower price and returned one, I compared both lenses side by side, and found that there was a noticeable difference in sharpness and color between the two (same settings, same shot), and kept the one that looked best.

- 28-60mm Kit - I don't like the final photos as much as the 40mm - maybe it's because I know there is a price difference, but the colors and Bokeh are just so much better than using the f3.5 lens. This lens has gotten the least use - that's not to say it's not sharp.

But, the use case was as a compact lens, and this is where it is good. We also have an RX100 (original) and the first thing I did was a comparison between this and the RX100, and this 28-60 lens is just so much sharper than our other camera, even though the RX100 has an f1.8 lens and 1 inch sensor.

Based on this, we'll likely be giving our RX100 away to some friends, as we think the 28-60 really keeps the overall package size small. So overall, really glad we still picked up this lens to simplify our setup and add more versatility to the overall system.

I likely will pickup a smaller camera case for just the camera and this lens specifically, to toss in a bag or a purse, as it really emphasizes the advantages of the A7C small size to bring to events or activities you may leave a larger camera at home.

- 20mm f1.8 - Personally I'm not as much of a fan of this as the other 2 lens, although my wife likes it. I feel like it distorts the subject too much, and we need to go out shooting more with it. I also have a 16-35mm f4 coming and will compare it against those and keep the one we like best.

We didn't get the tamron just because the 17-28 is more of a narrow range - although, we're still thinking about it.

We tried a 24 f1.4 in the store, and personally i really like this lens a lot, but getting 24 and 40 as our two primes, it didn't leave a lot of space on the wide end, and for working on landscape shots, we wanted something in a 16 - 20 mm range.

We need to shoot some proper city or landscape photos with it though and perhaps not mess around taking indoor shots or walk around photos, which may not showcase it's strengths.

I'm still secretly thinking that in a year or two, I'll come back to that 24mm f1.4 though...

I probably need to shoot with the 20mm more - from everything I've read it's a fantastic lens and there are youtube videos of people making it work, but when shooting photos with people in the frame, I just found the distortion to be way too off putting.

- 85mm f1.8 - We tried this in the store, but felt like because we mostly want to do travel photography and everyday photos, the tighter frame wasn't very applicable - we don't generally shoot portraits most of the time, and want more of the background in the shot.

Future purchase considerations...

- As mentioned, I'm still looking for that best wide lens... It's probably something like the 20mm, 16-35 f4 or 17-28 tamron...

- I'm wondering if we really do need a zoom lens or telephoto or not... 85mm wasn't a big enough gap... Maybe the 28-200 as mentioned earlier, or a small 135mm.

- Right now, really thinking about what tripod to get - I used to have a lightweight Gitzo tripod, but lost it 7 years back or so.... I'm not sure what to get.


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