Torn between Canon and Sony (Black Friday/week deals)

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Re: Torn between Canon and Sony (Black Friday/week deals)

JasonDR wrote:

The Canon eos r and Sony a7iii are on sale where i live right now, and i am torn between them for different reasons.

Tomorrow, cyber Monday , is the last sale day.

I've settled at the thought, for myself, that ergos are #2 most important in a camera, right behind AF being #1. If a camera sucks to hold or use or shoot with and the photography experience is difficult then I won't own that camera for a long time. Sony's had 10 years to get ergos right and they still stink (for me. I've returned or sold several Sony's over the years and I'm done trying). I'm not crazy about Nikon Z AF nor Panny AF so that leaves Canon. Go for Canon. Grab the RP unless you needs tons of DR and 4K video...I just picked up an RP + 24-240 for $1,050 (canon refurb + returning customers upgrade) and so far it's great. I'm working around the DR issue with ETTR by 1-2 stops in darker conditions. So far so good. (In bright sunlight I'm going to try highlight priority and overexpose 1-2 stops, we'll see how it goes in the shadows) The EOS R has much better DR but the RP deal I got was too good to pass up. Canon is about to eat everyone's lunch. The $199 50mm 1.8 coming next month, the compact 70-200 2.8 and 4.0 coming soon. The unique 600 and 800. Mirrorless owners also want compact lens options, Sony, Panny, Nikon seem to have forgotten this. Canon isn't. A f2.8 compact 70-200, can't beat it! I see Sony losing market share and eventually dropping out in 4-7 years. Panny niche video. Nikon, who knows what will happen to them and I'm a Nikon fan of Nikon DSLRs. So that's another reason to build into Canon and not Sony. IMHO. Here's a down sized image I took 2 nights ago with the RP. I really enjoy the ability to change the AF point on the rear screen while looking through the EVF.

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