Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

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Re: Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

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8k will be the standard soon. TV manufacturer are pushing hard on 8k and OLED. There not much profit for 4k LED. $500 for 4k 70 inch TV. Lol.

It may be the standard, but it doesn't mean that most people will go out and get an 8k TV.

8k will be the reserve of tech geeks. Even 4k is not that popular. I would describe myself as quite techie and even I haven't got a 4k TV - my FHD TV from over 10 years ago works just fine.

TV manufacturing leads the rest follows. 4k and led tv is starting to phase out. 8k and oled will become affordable in the coming years just like 4k. Technology is relentless.

Yesterday i just saw a 720p screen on sale at Walmart. Technology may be relentless but it's also very slow and people are not made of money.

Even the people who are made of money are mostly happy with their 1080p and 720p TVs and don't see a need to chase the latest and greatest. When I can count the TV announcer eyelashes on my 1080p TV, that's good enough.

I am sure there are people/small business buying small 720p tv. These cheap $100 or less disposalable tv design to show of their products in shows and in their shops.

However household consumers will buy tv that are currently the standard.

Agree. My point is that people are not replacing their 1080p sets for the improvement.

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