Should I protect my X100V or just use it willy nilly?

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Should I protect my X100V or just use it willy nilly?

Hi guys (and girls of course),

This is not really an urgent or technical question. It's more sort of a lifestyle-choice thingy around cameras and keeping them in mint condition or not. I write this partially as a personal reflection, partially to hear how others perceive this dilemma and partially because I think it's fun OK, here it goes:

So recently I saw an unbelievable X100V deal on a second hand site: 850 euros for a as-good-as-new unit. I scrambled together all my savings and had exactly 865. After making an offer, I was the Chosen One out of almost 30 offers the seller received. Total costs including shipping were 865. Everything felt like It Was Meant To Be

And it was! I already used it on a couple of shoots and it's great. But for personal use I'm so careful with it that I don't really use it. And that's not a good way to get to know your camera. I've more recently purchased an X-T10 for 150 euros to attach the 27mm F2.8 and just abuse it - throw it in my bag without protection or lens cap, put it in my coat pockets without being too careful. Have it slung around me in mild rain. And it feels great. I make so much more pictures that way. I mean - it feels great in terms of use scenario but I do feel kind of a dick to my camera, or more specifically to my lens. The X-T10 was really beat up by the previous owner and the thumb grip fell off within an hour so abusing it won't make it any worse than it already is. The 27mm however is undamaged and I do fear I might put too much dust in it this way or something. (Any experience on that is very welcome.)

I talked to a friend today and she was like: you should use the X100V like that too. You got that camera, so use it! Now I'm very much on a budget and 865 euros is a huge amount of money to me. I feel like I'm The Chosen One out of 30 people with that camera and I feel responsible for cherishing that X100V and keeping it fresh. I also have this... this resell mentality, like, I should keep it perfect for the next owner. I feel like I'm just keeping it, saveguarding it for the next owner. The box and everything is still perfect. And if I sold it today I'd make a profit. And it'd feel like a waste to throw that potential money away - even though I have no plans to sell it and even though I've never sold a camera so far. I get attached to these things and I don't want to miss them once I have them.

But when I look at a photographer I really admire - Greg Williams - it's weird but one of the coolest things about him to me is that he does everything to get the picture and doesn't seem to mind banging up his camera in the process. And that look you get from brassing your camera, or as a user on youtube called it aluminiuming because that's what the Leicas are made of, to me is beautiful. It makes the camera look and feel more like a tool, and less like jewlery to be admired. I think that puts subjects for portraits more at ease. A camera that has a soul would make me feel better than a camera that looks perfect- because I don't look perfect and I don't like perfection. When I take photos of people it's all about authenticity and celebrating inner beauty, instead of trying to fake outward perfection. So I kind of feel out of place sometimes with my perfect ass X100V with the leather case by Fuji (it was included in the 850 price ). My other camera is a black X-T30 with a JB designs wooden grip and a banjonet hood and a homemade string based camera strap that looks kind of shabby, so I'm doing well in the imperfect-looking-camera-department with that body.

On my most recent shoot with the V I did see a scratch on the lens which after cleaning it turned out to be just a smudge or something. The experience shocked me so much I decided to get a protective filter (which also weather seals it) and the Squarehood Model V. Because it's beautiful, because it protects, and because I want to support small independent (Fuji) accessory makers. They need it. JB Designs just quit and to me it feels like a big loss.

Anyway, Im very curious how you all feel about this. Are cameras these perfect little pieces of jewlery you like to keep safe, or do you use them the same way you would a hammer or an axe - bang it up a bit because that way you get the job done? Have you ever treated a camera rough and then regretted it because of loss of function or resell value? Or have you regretted being like an overprotective parent and missing shots, opportunities or just plain fun because of that? Have you kept a camera safe in order to resell it, only to never do that? Or are you proud that you camera is still shiny like the day you bought it? Are cameras things we keep for the next generation or tools to throw around? Let me know, or not. Just as long as you enjoy writing whatever you write - because now that I've written all of this I guess that's the main purpose. That, and hearing any advice towards beating up my X100V or not because honestly I've never damaged a camera in my life, and I have no idea what will happen, how it will look and where it might fail. Enjoy this thread, if you choose to contribute.

Warm regards, Bart

PS: In case you are wondering if anything shady went on with the X100V because the price was so low: nothing to report. It was just a guy with plenty of money who wanted to have a wider focal length and who apparantly chose to stick to his original selling price even though market feedback was overwhelmingly signalling: you could get more. We had a really pleasant exchange and we both enjoyed the process of selling/buying. His new setup is a 3500 system so I guess he didn't really care that much about money.

Fujifilm X-T10
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