Godox SL100W Lux versus GN

Started Nov 29, 2020 | Discussions thread
OP Tom Ferguson Senior Member • Posts: 2,320
Re: Godox SL100W Lux versus GN

Thanks Tug,

That is what I was afraid of after measuring my modeling lights. I realized the LED would need to be a minimum of 4x brighter (2 stops) than my modeling lights to get me into the f-stop range I needed. A 100W LED is (I assume) nowhere near 4X as bright as a 250W modeling light

My camera has some "user setting" banks I can setup. I've never used them. I'll grab the manual and see if perhaps I could setup "user bank 1" for my normal flash settings and "user bank 2" for tungsten WB (modeling lights) and a MUCH higher ISO to allow for live view. Perhaps a better plan!

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