Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

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Re: Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

Kgluong wrote:

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Kgluong wrote:

8k will be the standard soon. TV manufacturer are pushing hard on 8k and OLED. There not much profit for 4k LED. $500 for 4k 70 inch TV. Lol.

Well like I said, when it becomes affordable then we can talk. But really, the only reason consumers switched to 4K is because 1080p got pulled from the shelves. Between the complete lack of 8K content and the lack of meaningful difference between 4K/6K/8K at normal TV viewing distances there's no point. The only reason most people buy TVs now is to replace old broken ones.

Technology is relentless. Your arguments against 8k and such have been repeated countless of times over history.

8k is coming just like 4k replaced 1080p. And 8k will be replace with something better in the future and so on.

The vast majority of people bought 4K because 1080P TVs in the sizes they wanted were discontinued. Given how non-existent 8K content is, and how far into the realm of diminishing returns its added resolution is in a practical context, that's pretty much the only way people will move to 8K. And even that will have to come with huge price drops from where it's currently priced.

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