9 year old buy help!

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Re: 9 year old buy help!

hikerdoc wrote:

My 8 year old grand daughter is asking for a camera, recommendations requested by my daughter in law. I had given an entry level Nikon to the young lady’s then 10 year old seemingly very mature cousin a year back. Seeing how it lasted but a couple months in her hands I suggested a serious but rugged camera for my grand daughter. There are several reasonable options in the DPR buying guide for waterproof cameras. My advice now: 8 or 10 is just too young for an ILC. With lenses on and off the sensor will be dirty and damaged in little time. The camera will be dropped, it will be wet, it will have a dog licking the lens, etc.

Some good points. . . But it is dependent on the individual child how the camera will be treated. Age doesn't necessarily indicate how well photo gear will be handled. I've known adult photographers who trash their gear. . .

One good thing about using a zoom lens with a relatively wide range is that it doesn't need to be removed in situations where dirt can enter the camera, damage can occur, etc. I've been a fan of zooms for a very long time in part because of their real world utility even in the hands of a "mature" photographer. LOL

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