Stepup ring with lenshoods

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Re: Stepup ring with lenshoods

Stizzu68 wrote:

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

Stizzu68 wrote:

Do you have this lens and such a ring? If yes please show me how to fit it. I would really like to use it. I bought this step up ring to fit filters on both 300 and 40-150.

And I can tell you that is not working.

I have the lens but not a suitable step-up ring. The end of my lens looks like this:

(It seems that DPReview has broken the external image sharing feature. Sorry I can’t embed the image directly.)

Attaching the hood creates a ledge that protrudes slightly beyond the end of the lens (that is, it protrudes beyond the end of the filter thread). Only by a very small amount, less than 0.5 mm, which is much less than the depth of thread machined onto a typical filter or step-up ring. So a step-up ring could still be screwed in, just not fully seated against the lens. Instead it would seat against this plastic ledge.

When the hood is extended (shown here partially extended for clarity), the ledge does not move:

You can place the ring in front of the lens but it is so tight that there is no way to screw it in. The hood retracts but also with the retracted hood the step-up ring will be entirely inside the hood. If you try you will then risk damaging the lens when you try to get it out again.

Does your lens and hood look like mine?

I have the original so should be the same as your

No ring

With ring

It is so tight that cannot be screwed in

A reason more to dislike this hood.


I don't have that combination, but did you try using an empty filter ring as a spacer? I have a stepped filter that wouldn't fit in my bayonet hood until I noticed it did with a filter attached. It just moved it far enough forward that it cleared.

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