Will vibration from cycling damage my camera?

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Re: It depends on the camera

Alphoid wrote:

I think you got the wrong impression. I haven't used that particular model, so I can't comment, but you should have asked about the Canon G5XII, rather than about an RX100. It's not the same camera.

My Panasonic LX100 had a $900 MSRP, so it was the same price point. It's very similar in size, shape, and otherwise. However, my LX100 wouldn't last more than a few weeks of the way I used my RX100.

Cameras are precision optics equipment. Lens elements in some optics equipment are aligned down to 2.5 microns. Maintaining that alignment through bumps and bruises is hard. Some cameras are designed that way, and some aren't. It depends on the intended use. With a few exceptions, it's not even brand-specific.

thanks for the heads up.  think i will be more careful with my equipment, even my beater camera.  usually i keep my camera in a case with lens, but it may be best to keep it out of the trunk of a car and carry on a seat instead?

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