Godox SL100W Lux versus GN

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Re: Godox SL100W Lux versus GN

Tom Ferguson wrote:

I realize LUX (continues light) is real different than GN (flash). But, I'm hoping someone can give some guidance for my specific situation.

I'm primarily a product photographer and use fairly big moonlight flash units (mostly Calumet Travelite 750). I'm almost always tethered to a computer. Typical shutter speed (which isn't terribly important for my flash work) is 1/125. Primarily set there to limit any ambient light in the room.

I would love to be able to use "Live View" while tethered for setting up shots, but the white balance from my 3200K Travelite modeling lights is terrible and without resetting everything on the camera... the image is dark.

So, my idea is to get a couple Godox SL100W continues LEDs. They are daylight balanced and take the same reflectors as my Travelights. Clamp two of them to my two primary light stands, and only turn them on when using live view. They would have to be underneath my soft box or umbrella, but would "approximate" my lighting.

So, two questions I'm hoping someone can help me with:

1) A rough guess at LUX versus GN for this setup. The Godox is 6500LUX at 1 meter. I can't (well, don't want to) be changing the shutter speed. It will stay at about 1/125 in both shooting and live view. Many/most of my work is high speed/pressure enough that I don't want to be resetting the camera for live view and then forgetting to reset it for shooting.

2) The remote control for the Godox, can it turn the lights on and off? They advertise how good the remote is for changing power settings, but that isn't what would be important for me.


The Calumet Travelite 750 is a 750 Ws strobe, The Ws value is the amount of energy supplied to the flash tube, The Xenon tube converts about 60% of that energy into visible light.

The SL100W puts 100W of power into that LED which converts about 50% of that power into visible light. That means it delivers the equivalent of 100 Ws of energy every second.

For the purposes of this comparison we can neglect the slight difference of efficiency.

The Travelite 750 will deliver all the 750 Ws of light produced within 1/125 second.

The Sl100W will deliver 100/125 Ws of light in that time That's 0.8Ws. A GN 60 speedlight is ~ 70 Ws at full power.

TL;DR it won't work.

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