Nikon D850 odd problem

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Re: Nikon D850 odd problem

blong10 wrote:

Unfortunately that wasn't the issue. As I didn't have it turned on. I'm confused on what it would be. In s1 it didn't want to focus on the moon at all. In s2 it seemed to focus. Strange

To get full resolution, you should definitely be on mode 1, since you will have to crop the image. In this mode the mirror is already up and the electronic shutter prevents shutter shock. It is still important to use a remote shutter release. A shutter delay of 3 seconds would also work.

Last night I also photographed the moon with my D850 with the 500 PF and TC-14e. With live view I could easily focus with normal area AF, using an area with maximal contrast. I used MUP with EFCS and MC-30A shutter release. Exposure was 1/250 s, f/8, ISO 64. According to Photopills, the moon was not quite full and was a waxing gibbous with about 98% illumination.

I processed in LR and PS, using Topaz Sharpen AI.

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Almost Full Moon

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