Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Re: Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

MAC wrote:

MikeJ9116 wrote:

From what I have read, and seen in example photos, the 24-105mm f/4 is sharper in the corners at certain focal lengths and might have slightly better color and contrast. I decided to opt for the 24-240mm from seeing examples of how good it performs considering its massive range advantage over the 24-105mm variety lenses. My copy of this lens is sharp in the center at all focal lengths and the corners are no worse than many other lenses with far less range. Even the lens correction in the corners at 24mm isn't horrible. For a 10x zoom it is an exceptional performing lens. I will be using it a lot as a travel and walk around lens. It is by far the best super zoom lens I have owned and, IMO, it really can be a one lens solution for many people who are casual shooters.

Also, I will add that there really isn't much of a loss in light capture from one lens to the other. The 24-240mm holds a f/5.6 aperture up to 104mm so you only give up a stop and 1.33 stops from 105-240mm. Here is the aperture table for the 24-240mm:

24-26mm = f/4.0
27-43mm = f/4.5
44-69mm = f/5.0
70-104mm = f/5.6
105-240mm = f/6.3

From 27-43mm you lose 1/3 stop and from 44-69mm you lose 2/3 stop. Overall not too bad considering you get an extra 135mm of reach and only give up 1.33 stops through this range compared to f/4.0 at 105mm for the L lens.

Lastly, the IS and AF (Nano USM) for the 24-240mm is very good.

in the portrait range, the RF 24-105 F4L lets in twice the light and has its foot indoors and was the $899 purchase for me - a great L

The extra reach of the RF 24-240mm allows one to get decent bokeh in many situations.

the 24-240 is worth $500 in the kit but is an outdoors lens

I paid $610 all in for mine and it is worth every penny.  It can be used indoors for many uses.  Just not so much for moving targets.  Also, the RF 24-105mm L isn't all that great for indoor use either.  Keep in mind the 24-240 only loses 1/3 stop from the L from 27-43mm, 2/3 stop to 70mm and a stop from 70-104mm.  From 24-27mm it loses nothing.

I use my T7i + 55-250 stm for outdoor reach instead (88 - 400 FOV)

the 55-250 stm is and amazing sharp lens for $179 I paid. At 153 mm it is only F5!!!

and it is sharper from 200mm to 280 mm than my 70-200 L + 1.4 II ext

I have the 55-250mm STM also.  It is a stellar lens.  Especially considering the price.  I got mine from the FM Buy & Sell forum for $125 several years ago.

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