How does the new 16-50 Z50 kit lens compare to other brands' kit lenses?

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Re: How does the new 16-50 Z50 kit lens compare to other brands' kit lenses?

There are scientific tests on both the Nikon 16-50 and the Fuji 15-45 that discuss technical quality of these lenses, which is surprisingly excellent given the price point. They are each capable of producing excellent images.

I have both these lenses, and the Fuji is going on eBay. Image quality of the Fuji 15-45 is excellent as is the angle of view for my use, which is travel snapshots. That said, the Fuji lens has an annoyance, that the focal length is not displayed. It also has a deal breaker for me, that the lens retracts when the camera goes to sleep. With the Fuji, reacting to a grab shot takes 2-3 seconds to press the shutter, which wakes the camera and extends the lens, then press it again to take the shot, and by that time the shot is gone. With the Nikon, it goes to sleep with the lens extended and you can verify or change the focal length easily. When a grab shot appears, just press the shutter button as you bring the camera up, and it is already taking pictures by the time you get your eye to the EVF--less than a second!

Speed of getting into action for street photography is something I've been trying to improve for as long as I've been taking pictures (a very long time), and the Nikon Z50 has finally quenched that thirst. It is FAST!

(Cue Marty Robbins "Big Iron")

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