Godox SL100W Lux versus GN

Started Nov 29, 2020 | Discussions thread
OP Tom Ferguson Senior Member • Posts: 2,319
Re: Godox SL100W Lux versus GN

Updating my own post, maybe I'm overthinking this? If I knew how much brighter the Godox SL100W was than my Travelite 750 modeling light, that might be enough info! I just measured my Travelite 750 modeling light in a standard reflector at 1meter and got ISO 100, speed 1/125, f-stop 4.5.

Any idea what I would get out of a 6500LUX (I meter) Led at the same 1/125 speed and same 100 iso?

I would still love to know if I can turn the Godox units on and off from the remote.


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