GFX50R autofocus speed

Started Nov 28, 2020 | Questions thread
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Re: GFX50R autofocus speed

Chris Dodkin is spot on. 
I took advantage of the Fujifilm UK 48hr loan facility here in the UK, it was actually longer as I got it Friday morning and it was collected Monday lunchtime. I got the R with the 50mm f3.5. 
I’d shot medium format back in the 90’s, Hasselblads and it was wonderful but since then I’d turned pro and used Canon 1D’s 2/3/4, 6D and also had an X -Pro2. Professionally I have only ever shot single focus point focus and recompose.  
I was quite impressed with the single focus point AF both in good light and dim light, I’d have no problem using the GFX both in a controlled street shooting environment and for weddings and portraits. It’s not blisteringly fast (I leave that to my Sony RX100vii) but I found it good, it snapped into focus quickly moving between subjects and was accurate. Even in low light (3200 iso f3.5 60th light) it performed well. I didn’t even try continuous AF as I will never use it. 
I love the fact that it’s medium format in the new sense of the word, it’s certainly portable and it feels premium. 
However, I’m just about to buy a 50s instead because the first lens I’m going to get is the 32-64 and I think it’s more suitable. But I would have no problem getting the R instead, it was a toss of a coin choice really.

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