RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

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Re: RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

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I’m curious why you think a camera from a different manufacturer would be an upgrade for a Sony camera.

Why not? It's a newer, more expensive model in exactly the same niche. They even both have Zeiss-branded lenses with the same spec.

I bought a Sony RX10M3 as an upgrade on my Panasonic FZ1000, and an RX100M6 as an upgrade on my Panasonic TZ100 I bought a Canon G7X as an upgrade on my RX100.

It’s just flat not a Sony camera. A whole different approach. The lens is not the same spec. It was developed to match the Zeiss in house developed sensor. The Sony RXIRIII is a rehashed lens from the earlier cameras. I’ve used both and there is no comparison.

A camera does not need to have anything in common with another camera to be an upgrade. I am defining upgrade to mean any product that is superior to another.

It’s superior.

In what way? The sensor is lower resolution and seems quite old in its specification. The lens also seems to have a cheaper, simpler design than the RX1 lens.

So, is there any area where it beats the RX1Rii?

Many. And resolution at that level is not everything. It seems you’re one of the folks stuck in the pixel race for quantity and not quality.

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