Sony A7M2 with MC-11 - anybody using?

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Re: Sony A7M2 with MC-11 - anybody using?

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I am going to purchase Sony A7 M2 (Black Friday / week), but I am curious how it works with adapted lenses via Sigma MC-11 adapter... I know that newer A7M3 has significantly better autofocus system, but right now I can't afford it. I have read that older A7M2 is still very good for static photography. Which is good, because I do most shots (70-80%) of this kind.

How A7M2 perform with adapted lenses via MC-11?

I have got:

- Tamron 70-210 F4 (Canon mount)

Should work OK as an "unsupported" lens. This means:

Fast PDAF (default behaviors)

Slow CDAF (optional setting in the menu) - 2 to 3 seconds to lock

No EyeAF with fast PDAF

2.5 FPS (continuous low) with continuous AF. In continuous high focus and exposure are locked on the first frame.

No tracking. Limited focus modes and zones.

No video AF.

IBIS for non-stabilized lenses. ILIS only (IBIS disabled) for stabilized lenses.

and want to buy:

- Sigma C 150-600 (Canon mount) - for BIF & aeroplanes mostly.

Acts as native. I.e. all A7II features are supported as they are with native E mount lenses. Not the fastest AF, but pretty reliable AF at all focal lengths, with continuous AF at continuous high shooting speed. Lock on AF also works. Cooperative (IBIS + ILIS) stabilization, which works quite well.

- some primes from Art series, also with Canon bayonete.

Art, Contemporary, and Sports lenses all act as native on the MC-11. However, since most (all?) of the Sigma lenses do not use linear AF motors, they are not nearly as fast to focus when CDAF/hybrid AF is used. The 70-200/2.8 Sports focuses pretty fast, though, but the 100-400 and 150-600 are definitely slower. Once they get a lock, though, they're good at maintaining it, as long as you're not using an aperture narrower than F8.

What are your experiences with:

A7M2 + MC-11 and mentioned above lenses?



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