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Re: Low light performance

MonkeyClaw wrote:

Okay, so this is my last question before I finally order either the X-T4 or the a7iii...

The Fuji ticks pretty much every box and I am only still considering the Sony because it is FF for the same price. I get that the IQ is intrinsically better with a bigger sensor but I keep hearing about the associated great low light performance from the Sony.

Am I right in thinking this translates to not having to use such high ISO when shooting in low light? So on the Fuji I would need to shoot higher ISO for a similar result?

But if the Fuji has better IBIS surely I can shoot same ISO as the Sony but a slower shutter speed? Obviously that's not possible with a moving subject.


Photography is complicated.

From a previous post of yours:

"I will be shooting products for work and also photos of people working on our subterranean farm (i kid you not!). I will also need to film general mood stuff of the farm in action, as well as interviews with the founders and other farm operatives for the website.

So not sure if really need FF, apart from I want the best image quality I can get. I also plan on using the camera myself, mainly for travel photography/film."

In which case I think you'll be fine with the X-T4 and are over-thinking the FF advantage for your situation.

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