Stepup ring with lenshoods

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Re: Stepup ring with lenshoods

Albert Valentino wrote:

If you need a hood then I would recommend an inexpensive screw-on collapsible lens hood. This will screw onto the outer filter and also let you turn your CPL filter as needed.

My two main lenses are my Pl 8-18 (67mm filter) and 12-100 (72mm filter). I use step up rings on the 8-18 to attach my filters to shoot waterfalls at slow shutter speed. Often the light is soft so I so not need a hood. For protection slap on a generic 72mm lens cap onto the 67-72mm step up ring.

i have used step-up rings for almost 15 years and occasionally a collapsible hood. Never a problem. However, be aware that collapsible hood can cause vigentting at wide angles - more often when used without a steup up ring as the stepup ring offers more room due to the wider radius. This is not a big issue unless the sun is at the edge and needs to be blocked since a collapsible hood can be folded back in two seconds to remove vignetting and still act as a bumper

try one, they are inexpensive and since they collapse, they take up almost no space

Yes, such a rubber collapsible hood should solve the problem.

I just bought the step-up ring to use a Hoya starscape 77mm filter on both the 300 and on the 40-150 for astrophotography.

Where I live I cannot buy it so I will have to wait for the end of the pandemic or pay 50USD of customs clearance costs for an 8USD hood.

Right now I use a rolled matt black drawing board as a hood but it is clearly not a long term solution


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