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MonkeyClaw wrote:

Am I right in thinking this translates to not having to use such high ISO when shooting in low light? So on the Fuji I would need to shoot higher ISO for a similar result?

Larger sensors can hold more photosites, or more photosites that are larger. Think of photosites as tiny wells. During an exposure each photosite will collect a certain number of photons based upon the light characteristics of the scene and length of exposure.

So the Fuji sensor for the camera you reference has a smaller sensor then the Sony FF sensor.

Therefore the smaller sensor for the same scene and exposure time will collect less photons.

You need to do something to compensate. You can increase ISO, you can increase exposure time, you can change aperture.

I have both a Canon full frame and Fuji aps-c camera. When I know I will be shooting in low light situations I use the camera with the FF sensor, and a fast lens. I have to compensate less with the larger sensor than the smaller sensor.

Saying that, I seldom shoot in low light conditions but I'm starting down the road of astrophotography where that will change.

I'm glad I have the FF sensor I have in my Canon 6D.

Good luck with your purchase. Sounds like you are real close!

I shared what my understanding is above based upon very limited knowledge at this time so treat my response accordingly.

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