Does the new RF 50mm make the (heavy and expensive) RF 35mm redundant?

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Re: Does the new RF 50mm make the (heavy and expensive) RF 35mm redundant?

davidwien wrote:

Eddie Rizk wrote:

Some people, actually a lot of people, love the 50 mm length and use it all the time.

The price and size of the RF 50mm are both attractive, and I cannot recall a time when I didnt have a 50mm lens for FF; but I find it impossible to remember when I last chose to use it. Even when I use a zoom lens, I do not find myself setting it to 50mm. I read that this focal length gives the same angle of view as the human eye; but I dont find it provides a very interesting or useful perspective for photos.

No disrespect meant to those who disagree with me!


I had the equivalent, when I bought the EF 35 F2 for my 60D.  It was my only "fast" lens, and I took some decent shots with it.  Then I got the 6D and liked the lens so much better.  That little bit of depth exaggeration really makes things look more interesting, as does the little bit of compression of the 85.  I haven't looked at a 50 since.

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That's my opinion, and it's worth what you paid for it.
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