Image quality improvement of Sony A7C vs A6000 or Canon G5XII worth the cost?

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Re: Image quality improvement of Sony A7C vs A6000 or Canon G5XII worth the cost?

Anders_K wrote:

Alternatively, the G1X III comes to my mind. The only APS-C sensor compact camera that makes reputedly good photos. And you are already familiar with Canon.

That could be a good option as well. I feel like I get photos as good if not better with the G5XII than the A6000 and I don't have to carry it around my neck on a trip and is much less conspicuous.

What do you think of the Sony RX1R II or RX1R I if they come down in price? They are both full frame in a compact body, but are older so they'd probably be missing a lot of features of the newer cameras. They are also very expensive!

My main problem with taking pictures while traveling is getting blurry photos in low light. Especially where everyone poses at an interesting spot and where we've waited in line for the picture or where it was tough to get everyone together for it and I get home to find it blurry. A lot of these photos have bright backgrounds or other lights around a low light situation.

That why I was thinking a camera with built in image stabilization might help. I never know if I should leave the Sony on the orange auto, put it on some handheld twilight or other night mode, or increase the shutter speed and bump the ISO and try to do it manually. Plus there are HDR and different autofocus settings as well as burst shooting. So that's why I usually just put it in orange auto or a night scene.

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