Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

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maybe you should start a company

You know, makes millions off your wisdom.

Did you know that all those batteries articles and patents and research are mostly academic chest puffing and nowhere near reality? Professors gotta publish and all that.

You're not even using common sense. If any one university, any company, had a working miracle battery, they'd patent it and start producing it, making billions. Are you one of those guys who thinks Detroit has been hiding the secret invention that allows cars to run on water for fifty years?

Have you even thought what you're asking for? Present day lithiums can explode, start fires, and are banned from certain types of transport. And now, you want something 10X more powerful so you can get 10,000 photos from your camera instead of 1000? Oh, the agony, the pain, of having to charge your phone every few days.

<shakes head sadly>

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no, I won't return to read your witty reply!
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