Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

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Re: Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

skyrunr wrote:

Sorry, I was confusing FPS for continuous, but I remembered reading something similar.

It sounds like the silent photography "un-limit" is overriding the shutter type settings.

...and page 357 "there is no limit to the number of photos that can be taken in a single burst, regardless of the option chosen from Custom Setting d2."

PS I REALLY HATE that Nikon's PDF manual blocks copy/paste. I usually make spreadsheets of the menus from them. There are always workarounds. Just rude of them really...

The OP was asking about the original cameras, not the “ii” series. For those, in the Reference Manual neither the document nor manual page 357 says what you write above.

In the original Reference Manual, the only reference to the quote above refers to shutter speeds longer than 1 second, not about Silent Photography - the manual seems to be silent about Silent Photography ignoring custom setting d2.

Your reference is to the Z6ii Reference Manual page 357, and it specifically states that d2 is ignored with Silent Photography enabled. So, the effect has always existed but was undocumented in the original models.

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