Which Camera to buy for erotic photography?

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Re: Which Camera to buy for erotic photography?

bobn2 wrote:

Fetishjames wrote:

Hello, i want to invest up to 350 dollars to buy a digital camera for erotic - fetish projects, i also need to control it through my mobilephone (self photographs with timer), which camera do you suggest to buy? Should i go with a dslr or a good compact camera does the job for an amateur like me? I am not a professional photographer, i am an artist that wants to experiment with photography, thanks!

I wouldn't think that the requirements are different from any other branch of photographing people. So, the same questions apply to this as would apply to any other. Are the photos for your own use, or do you want to distribute through some channel? If the latter, what are the quality requirements of that channel?

What lighting will you be using? Will you be shooting individuals, small or large groups? Are you doing just stills or do you want to do video?

What would be a good choice depends on the answer to those questions. For many, a good compact would be fine, for others an interchangeable lens camera would be better.

With respect to you control from a mobile phone, many camera brands offer apps the do it, you need to look for cameras that have WiFi or Bluetooth build-in.

One more hint, if you do produce photos, don't post them here, this site is quite sensitive about that genre, and you'll likely be banned.

Thank you very much for your answer! I am an amateur photographer so i don't think i will use a light to invest more money, i want to shoot with day light which is plenty where i live. I wont sell or distribute these photos, they will be used as a personal portfolio,i forgot to mention that the distance is a problem, what camera would you suggest for these kind of photographs from 1-3 meters distance?

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