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Re: Low light performance

MonkeyClaw wrote:

[...] I get that the IQ is intrinsically better with a bigger sensor but I keep hearing about the associated great low light performance from the Sony.

Am I right in thinking this translates to not having to use such high ISO when shooting in low light? So on the Fuji I would need to shoot higher ISO for a similar result?

No. It means that when you shoot both at the same ISO, Sony will produce better image quality.

But if the Fuji has better IBIS surely I can shoot same ISO as the Sony but a slower shutter speed?

That is usually not what people mean when saying "low light performance". If they were, Micro 4/3 would be the king of low light, because it can do things like this without a tripod (my flickr album).

Obviously that's not possible with a moving subject.

Exactly. So by low light performance, people usually mean a situation where you need to freeze motion when there is little light and are not limited by depth of field (as in, you can shoot as wide an aperture as you can).

So assuming the same shutter speed and same f-number, both cameras will end up at the same ISO value (in theory, in practice light metering on different cameras might produce different results in some cases). A camera with a larger sensor will produce an image with less noise, but more shallow depth of field.

As you can see from the above, a lens plays a huge part in that equation. Fuji with a 200mm f/2 will be noticeably better in low-light than Sony 100-400mm f/5.6 at 400mm.

And if you are DoF limited, meaning that you require a certain depth of focus, then you end up with equivalence and all systems that can achieve the desired DoF are equally good at low light (at least in terms of image quality, there might be other considerations like autofocus for example).

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