Question on R5 Image Processing

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Re: Question on R5 Image Processing

Noogy wrote:

I have raw files from my EOS R with file size range of 40-45mb a piece, while my 32mp M6II would range from 35-40mb a piece. In my 12-core 9th Gen i7 desktop machine that runs on nVidia GT1050ti GPU and SSD, to batch process/convert to JPEG 5 raw files would take me approx:

  • EOS R - 109 seconds
  • M6II - 134 seconds
  • 6D - 56 seconds
  • All processed on SSD then later on moved to HDD

While my PC specs are just slightly above average, I was wondering if I would need to also start upgrading my machine in the event I purchase the R5. For obvious reasons, I did not have to upgrade more than a year ago when I moved from the 5DMIV to the EOS R.

Though you didn’t mention the amount of memory you are running, I can assure you your pc specs are above average.

What's the file size range of an R5 raw file and how long does it take to convert it into either TIFF or JPEG?

That depends largely on whether you are shooting RAW or cRAW and what program you are using to batch convert?

All figures here btw are using Canon's proprietary DPP (digital lens optimization on), landscape profile, all other settings at default). I also don't have any storage issue because I have more than adequate cloud subscription and 8TB of HDD that's only 40% full on a machine with an OS that runs on 512gb SSD.

Also, I don’t know why you are using dpp, it is agonizingly slow and resource intense.  Yes, there has been some criticism with adobe’s profiles for the R5 though one can easily find other profiles or use other PP software.

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