Stepup ring with lenshoods

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Samuel Dilworth
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Re: Stepup ring with lenshoods

There is about 83.5 mm of clear space inside the hood for the 40–150 mm f/2.8.

I don’t have a step-up ring or 77 mm filter to test it, but that should be more than enough for a 77 mm filter ring, assuming a typical ~1.5 mm bezel (adding ~3 mm to the diameter of the threads for a total diameter of ~80 mm).

That said, a part of the hood’s attachment assembly produces a ledge around the lens’s [72 mm] filter threads. This ledge is fractionally (by ~0.5 mm) higher than the end of the lens (that is, the ledge is higher than the end of the lens’s filter threads). So if the step-up ring extends straight out to the sides rather than tapered forward, it will be prevented from completely seating against the lens by the hood’s attachment system. There would still be sufficient thread engagement to hold the step-up ring securely, but it would not be elegant engineering. Some care may be required to avoid crushing plastic parts (the ledge) of the hood attachment assembly while screwing in the step-up ring.

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