Should I sell..... ?

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Re: Should I sell..... ?

Sorry I really don't get why you would sell the Zoom to get a 28 mm 2.8. If you want something different get a quirky one. Of those I own 3 and still would never sell the zoom because i take it to walk the dog,well actually everywhere where other people use their phone to take 'photos'.

I have  a 1970 28 2.0 which is really nice, it was like 140 GBP on fleabay and I had to file the 'AI' adaptation but boy I love it for the crazy bokeh. For the same  reason I keep that 1972 55 1.2, so  I know why it is a keeper

the 28mm f2

I have been thinking, like you for ages whether I sell the Nikkor D 135 f2. On the other hand, I would have t opt for your zoom, wouldn't I. I had the 80-200 till it was stolen, so I recently compared how many shots I took with either the 85 1.4, the zoom or the 135.

Not to mention my Sigma 180 2.8.

What Can I say.. against 2500 shots with that zoom there were 12000+ with the Sigma and about 4000 each with the 85 1.4 and the 135mm f2. I replaced the 85 that was stolen with a Sigma because I couldn't live with one.

Keep them both. Get a 200 f2 if you want to fulfill a dream.

I can't afford new lenses but in case I could, I'd rather go for something I don't have. The that 300 2.8 or a 600 that I would really love since my 800 mm was stolen. And if they seem expensive, go for second hand but keep the old stuff if you used it in the last year more than once.

here another one from the 28 f2 with an 8mm ring

Now, if you are still selling that 24mm ask me.

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