Is this sharp photo?

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Re: Is this sharp photo?

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Can anyone tell me if this is considered in general a sharp photo? In focus, blurr and center lens sharpness. I think so but wanted to hear your comments. Thanks a lot.

Focus/sharpness looks excellent to me right across the frame.

I would say "acceptable" rather than "excellent".

Try some shots at higher shutter speeds and wider apertures, such as 1/800 at f/4. Also try flash.

I don't understand why you think the OP needs to think about shooting at 1/800s to obtain a sharp photo with a 100mm (200mm equivalent) focal length lens? The shutter speed used of 1/400s is more than adequate to keep camera shake at bay. Especially considering that the lens is rated at 5 stops image stabilisation and the body a whopping 6-5 stops of IS.

Imaging Resource have this to say:

"More impressively, at 100mm, the 12-100mm displays fantastic stabilization performance. As you can see in the following graph, Rob managed a mere 10% keeper rate for "Acceptable" shots at 1/15s with stabilization disabled, which is an extremely slow shutter speed to be using at 100mm (200mm eq.). With Sync I.S. enabled, however, Rob not only managed a 100% keeper rate at 1/15s, but also 100% all the way down to 1/4s. The lens also managed to hit a 30% "Good" keeper rate at 1-second!"

Your suggestion of shooting the lens wide open at f/4 for increased sharpness also makes no sense to me. Normally you would stop down at least one stop with the vast majority of lenses to get a shaper result which is exactly what the OP did. According to photographyblog's review, the sweet spot of the lens seems to be somewhere between f/5.6 - f/8 and at f/4 it is noted to be soft!

"At 100mm focal length centre sharpness is soft wide open at f/4, with peak performance achieved at f/5.6-f/8. Diffraction kicks in at f/16 and gets worse at f/22. The corners aren't very sharp at f/4, with the best performance at f/5.6-f/11."

Your third suggestion of resorting to flash in broad daylight is also mystifying to me. It's probably the last thing the OP want's to do. Especially as there is absolutely nothing wrong with the image sharpness and focus when viewed at 100%, to my eyes at least. Of course, It could be made a sharper in post but I believe the image is an OOC jpeg with no additional in-camera sharpening.

Don Cox

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