RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

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Re: RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

AsKim wrote:

I know they're not identical lenses, but they're both Zeiss-branded full-frame 35mm f/2 lenses. Why should a lens be developed to suit a particular sensor? None of the Sony RX or Alpha lenses were developed for one, specific sensor.

This one is different. Fixed lenses are designed differently than interchangeable. This one is optimized for the sensor.

In what way? What is there about this particular sensor that the lens needs to be optimised for? What does it do that the RX1RII lens does not?

Well, according to the original marketing materials the 35mm/F2 lens was designed specifically for the RX1. Even if you took it of the camera body, you wouldn’t be able to use it on a regular FE camera.

So, just the same as the ZX1, then.

With fixed lenses the mount can be optimized: The lens can be mounted with greater precision and much closer to the sensor – even with no gap – allowing for quite different lens designs as to how the lens guides the light to the sensor.

Exactly the same considerations apply with both these FF cameras' fixed 35mm f/2 lenses, but that's nothing to do with the ZX1 sensor. Why would the ZX1 lens be any more optimised for a standard-sized FF sensor than the RX1 lens? Is it some novel design of sensor (eg, curved) that needs some special lens design?

There’s nothing new to this and it’s definitely not a ZX1-only feature. Fixed lens legacy cameras such as the Sony R1 and Lecia Digilux 2 had the same kind of optimization, too, as do the Leica Q series.

Sure, but in each case it's to do with the body and lens design, not some feature of the sensor. It applies to all the RX cameras just as much as it does to the ZX1.

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