Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

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Re: Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

GossCTP wrote:

MHshooter wrote:

Did you know the lithium-ion battery is the worst of all tested battery formulas using lithium? It has 1/10th the power density of metallic lithium batteries. It is worse than sulfur-lithium, air-lithium. A regular camera battery of 1100mah using metallic lithium would have 11,000mah capacity. They've know this for almost TEN years. So why haven't they switched configurations?

Lead with a false statement in the form of a question and then imply a conspiracy in closing.

If they released such technology tomorrow what would you do? Would it change your life that you wouldn't need to charge your camera for two weeks? Or would you be less happy because you wouldn't have something to gripe about that cannot possible be fixed because it simply isn't true?

My manual-focus film SLR had batteries that would last for years – because all they had to do was to power the shutter and light meter.  You still had to stop and change the film roll at least once every 38 pictures (36-picture roll + getting maybe 2 extra ones on). That was something best done in a dark place, or at least, not in direct sunlight.

Now we have cameras that can take hundreds of pictures before you need to change the battery or memory card – and you can do the change in full sunlight with no risk of losing photos.  Yet people complain that camera batteries aren't good enough?!?

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