Best lens for a Sony a6400 Mirrorless ????

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Re: Is your lens really broken?

The Von-ographer wrote:

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The Von-ographer wrote:

Hi, I have a Sony a6400 mirrorless (E or FE mount) and on my trip to Uluru last week I noticed a black dot ( a chip/scratch) is on all of my pics. I can photoshop them out but it time to replace the lens. I broke the 18-55mm lens that came with the camera. Its ok, but i want a more professional lens but my max budget is $1200 AUD ($1000 US).

The dot on your pictures is almost certainly not from your lens. It is most probably dirt on your sensor. You can check for this by taking 2 pictures, one with the lens wide open and one with the lens at f/16. If you have dirt on your sensor, the dot will be much more visible at f/16. Dirt can be removed either by you (with a sensor cleaning kit) or by others (for money).

Is this what you're referring to when you say "I broke the 18-55 lens"? Or did you actually break the lens, like by dropping it on a rock?

Thanks.. I took a few pics at different zoom and yes.. there were 2 spots.. so I cleaned the back on my 18-55mm lens and no different. I blew into the camera itself and now i only have 1 dot! So i think you maybe correct Ive gotten some dust/dirt stuck in there from Uluru..... Will look into buying a cleaning product to clean inside teh camera sensor.

I had seen a mark on the front of my lens... but after what you wrote and went and cleaned the front properly and it was a bit of tough grit when i rubbed harder etc..

What a novice! Never had that happen before..... and i wa so looking forward to getting another new lens! hahahahahha Might investigate the 2nd hand market instead now....


Phew, Good to hear it’s not broken!

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